Instagram is the best example of constant success in the world of social networks. With more than 700 million users around the world, it is a network that little by little has been adding functionalities to its platform, becoming one of the most important and most used, when it comes to videos and photographs. Share your Insta Story with the help of Buy Instgaram followers singapore coomunity and get more advantages.

Certain aspects have recently been added and/or perfected, such as being able to add several photos in a single post, and thus avoid the dreaded spam; and publish stories and various moments in stories, with duration of 24 hours. The live update was also added, where live video can be shared with the users of the famous network.

How to use Stories effectively within digital strategies?

Before starting the tour of the recommendations to use this new update, it is necessary to know how it works, and why it is inside the application. Since August of last year, users of the social network have observed the update of the application, which included a panel at the top, where you could see the image of the profiles of the users they followed. They appear in a circular shape and pressing the button would bring up a short story lasting only 24 hours (Snapchat style). On the right side of this panel appears the user's personal story, which to upload it, like the rest, you have to press the "+" symbol or slide to the right with your fingers and thus the camera automatically appears.

Once the image is taken, be it a selfie, or a photo of any landscape, it can be edited and apply quick filters, write text on it or use it as a canvas to draw and place any emoji on it . To publish it, press the "+" button again and it appears in the user's story. To see the stories of other users, you can click on their image in the panel or go directly to their profile. In the most recent version, you can make live videos (something similar to Periscope and Facebook Live ) as well as use filters that can vary depending on the face.

It tends to seem like a very simple tool, but this is not always the case, since we often use it inappropriately. Therefore, it is necessary to follow and apply the recommendations that appear below. The goal is simple, get the best out of the application.

Watch what you post

When we publish certain images or videos, we do so randomly or without taking care of the results that said content will bring. Therefore, it is necessary that before publishing a story, or any other content, you think about the objective of the publication, the reactions, comments or results that the post will bring with it. Many times the result will be positive, however this is not always the case, therefore it is necessary and important to take care of what you publish.

If you have an idea in mind, develop it and study it before posting content on the network

It often happens that, many times, we have an idea in mind and we don't know how to develop it or with which tool to put it into practice. With Instagram Stories , you have many opportunities to carry out that idea, either to make it known or to seek help ; there will always be a solution or someone who can help you effectively develop the project you want to carry out. Researching, internships, and interacting with the digital community could be a great start.

Do not post excessive content

Comments can sometimes work against us, and even more so if we don't measure the amount of content we publish. Publishing stories excessively will cause the user who is browsing the net to leave and lose what you wanted to transmit. It is recommended not to publish stories so often , since they will not disappear for 24 hours (unless they are deleted). Making an agenda or putting together in a calendar what you will publish every day will help and will be a plus for your goal.

Take into account the public, what they want to see vs. what you need to publish

Part of assembling and organizing digital content (for social networks, web portals, etc.), leads to studying the public we want to reach. Whether it is a young, contemporary or adult audience, it is important to know it, beyond knowing what we want to offer them. We could investigate your tastes through surveys, or verify information from official sources to start putting together the content. Once we have the public visualized, as well as their interests and tastes, the next step could be to find points in common with what we want to convey through the story. If this creative process is fed from various sources, we avoid a clash between what people want to see and what we want to see.

Take into account the publication time of the Stories

Not every hour of the day is the best time to post. Our Instagram Stories , beyond the fact that they last 24 hours and can be seen by a wide audience. If we publish stories, at least 3 or four times a day in the hours when more users review the application, we can have a greater reach and impact than average. Some of the applications that could help us could be Prime, Publish, Crowdfire (if you want to gain followers), among others.

Be creative and organized

The creative process does not necessarily have to have a specific order. However, organizing by priority what we want to do will put our project or our brand on the right track. The important ideas first and all those that arise from these or add to it, come later. Order and creativity always have to go hand in hand, especially if we are looking for success in one of the most important social networks in the world.

Measure the scope and work based on it

Once you have gone through all the necessary processes and have studied your idea, you can proceed to publish your Stories. Later you can study your results with the statistics that Instagram offers and verify what you are doing well and what is not working, in order to work and improve the content we publish. Accept both positive and negative comments that you get from the campaign or project that you set up through this new tool, since interacting, listening, and innovating will always make a difference within digital strategies.